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Welcome to the Tawerna Kaszubska!

A unique space surrounded by Kashubian landscapes with the impressive Ostrzycki Lake taking center stage. Our team puts its heart into creating a culinary masterpiece in the region, combining tradition with a modern approach to cuisine. All of our rooms provide breathtaking panoramic views of the lake. Plan your event or weekend gateway in the idyllic setting of the lakes and forests of Kashubian Switzerland.

  • ROOMS: Jezioro, Las, Pole, Łąka, Plaża
  • APARTMENTS 1, 2, 3, 4


A perfect space for private and business events, including birthdays, first communions, christenings, weddings, training sessions, and conferences. We provide a wide selection of delicious menu items and a professionally equipped event space.


Experience a truly relaxing stay in our comfortable rooms. Whether you’re on a trip with friends or enjoying a romantic weekend for two, the stunning views and beautiful interior design will make your stay more enjoyable.


A new restaurant on the culinary map of Kashubia. Taste regionally-inspired dishes at our restaurant with stunning views of Ostrzyckie Lake. Take a look at our menu!


We offer private equipment and yacht rental, a beach only for guests, campfire space, and an attractive location near hiking and biking trails, viewpoints, picturesque Kashubian towns, and the Tri-City.

Our space

Surrounded by stunning Kashubian landscapes, we have created a space that meets the diverse needs of our guests, whether they seek a relaxing weekend with family and friends or active recreation in nature. You can plan unforgettable events, integration trips, and business meetings in our comfortable and spacious conference rooms.

Coworking area

Tawerna Kaszubska is the perfect place for Digital Nomads looking for space and inspiration in remote working.

We offer a quiet, comfortable coworking space designed with your comfort in mind, equipped with lots of electrical sockets, excellent internet connection and ergonomic furniture. The location next to the lakeside and the proximity to nature provide the ideal conditions for effective work.

Young woman working on laptop

Tawerna Kaszubska Staff

The director of Tawerna Kaszubska, Katarzyna Reglinska, ensures guest comfort and satisfaction. The project was originated and invested in by Irena and Gregoire Nitot, who is also the founder and CEO of Sii Poland, owner and president of Polonia Warszawa football club and an author of the blog gregoirenitot.com.

Katarzyna Reglińska

Irena and Gregoire Nitot

Irena and Gregoire Nitot

Katarzyna Reglińska


Water equipment rental

With a view to water excursion enthusiasts who want to get to know Ostrzyckie Lake better, we have launched our rental shop offering: kayaks, pedal boats, paddle boats, sailing racing yachts and tourist yachts. Our guests use the rental service for free.

boats at the pier
Organizing a bonfire

Organizing an integration event always takes a lot of planning and effort. Developing an original idea that will surprise your employees can also be challenging. One can be an integration bonfire, providing good fun and allowing you to forget your work duties for a while.

The beach

The Kashubian Tavern offers its guests private access to the beach and lake. Located in a secluded place, the beach, away from any traffic, is a great place to relax on the lake’s peaceful shores.

beach with a pier
architecture of Kartuzy

The heart of Kashubia undoubtedly lies in Kartuzy. The city is located on four lakes: Klasztorne Duże, Klasztorne Małe, Mielenko, and Karczemne.
The Kashubian Museum is worth a visit if you want to discover the history of the local lands.
The Kartuska Collegiate Church is Poland’s best-preserved church of the Carthusian Order. It was built during the 14th and 15th centuries. The building has valuable relics such as a Gothic altar, baroque stalls, the prior’s throne, and a baptismal font. The building has a unique design with a coffin-shaped roof and a baroque tower helmet.
Also worth a visit is the promenade by the Karczemne Lake and Gaj Świętopełka (The Grove of Świętopełk), where the Aleja Filozofów (Avenue of Philosophers) leads.

krajobraz z jeziorami
Kashubian Switzerland

Kashubian Switzerland is first and foremost a unique region located close to Gdansk, enchanting with its magical landscape, filled with lakes, rivers and varied terrain. In addition, it is characterised by its culture, language, rich tradition and great love of nature. Based on these values, (the website) szwajcariakaszubska.com was created as a rich collection of the most important and interesting information about the region.