Rooms and apartments


Take a break from the noise of big cities for a while. Swap the street hustle and bustle for the murmur of the lake, the rustle of the trees and the singing of the birds. The rooms and two-level apartaments of Tawerna Kaszubska are located directly at the shoreline of Ostrzyckie Lake, in the middle of the Kashubian Landscape Park. Thanks to this unique location, each guest has a direct view of the lake waters and surrounding greenery.

Tawerna Kaszubska offers four 2-bed rooms: Jezioro room – with facilities for the disabled, Pole room, Łąka room, Plaża room, 4-person room: Las room and 4 two-level suites with a spacious terrace.

We have made every effort to ensure that the rooms are decorated in the best style, distinguished by unconventional and modern interiors. It is up to you in which of them you rediscover the pleasure of living in the rhythm of nature!


Room Jezioro

Room Las

Room Pole

Room Łąka

Room Plaża